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  1. 360 degree feedback - starting, sending out etc

  2. Are my answers anonymous?

  3. Can I quit answering and resume later?

  4. Can't find the email with a link to start answering

  5. Choosing and changing the questionnaire

  6. Closing and editing the survey

  7. Creating a user account

  8. Do I have to comment my every answer?

  9. Do I have to create an account in

  10. Forwarding the results

  11. How do I see employee's goals?

  12. How to add departments and new employees?

  13. How to answer a question with a priority list

  14. How to change survey email messages?

  15. How to continue if the process was interrupted and the survey was not sent out?

  16. How to create objective and set KPIs

  17. How to customize answering view?

  18. How to edit company structure

  19. How to fill out a questionnaire?

  20. How to log in to my account?

  21. How to send out satisfaction or engagement survey?

  22. How to start answering?

  23. How to start Discussion/Appraisal interview

  24. HR Manager permissions

  25. HR Specialist permissions

  26. Keeping track of responders and sending out reminders

  27. KPI catalogue

  28. Manager permissions

  29. Mass actions for starting, closing and changing surveys

  30. My Goals module overview

  31. Planned training

  32. Privacy Policy

  33. Recommended web browsers and appliances

  34. Starting surveys with CSV file

  35. Structure tools for adding and rearranging

  36. Training proposal (Manager)

  37. Training request

  38. Training types

  39. Trainings module overview

  40. User profile and changing the settings

  41. Where can I see overall KPI statistics

  42. Why to choose Upsteem for 360 feedback surveys?

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