How do I see employee's goals?

Users who have HR manager and Manager roles (read Roles and privileges) in company level can see all the goals in the company.  Department  Managers and HR specialists can see only within their structure area.

You can find employees goals from main menu Goals -> Employees goals.

From the filters you can type in the names of the employees whose goals you want to see. If you want to see some department employees, just click on the select employees field, and select desired departments from the dropdown list.

After the selection you can see the overview of the goals from the employees you had chosen.  From this view you can already add new goals to the employee.
If you click on the employee's name, then list of all his/her goals will be displayed. By clicking on any of the goal's name will open up the detailed view of the goal. 

Also You can filter goals by statuses and search by name.

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