Goals module overview

Goals module is a good way to track personal and company's goals easily in one place.

You can sort goals with different keywords. You can track goals by date or progress and you can add to every goal a start and end date, weight percentage and add people responsible or involved with the goal.

Goals have 3 statuses:
  • not started
  • in progress
  • done

To add a new goal, just click "New Goal" from sidemenu.

After you have filled all the necessary information just click "Save" and in the next page you'll have the overview of the set goal.

HR manager has the overview of all the employees from one view and if needed select an individual employee and track his/her goal processes. HR manager can also add new goals to employees. To add a new goal to an employee just enter the employee's name whom you wish to add a goal and click "New Goal".

In the next view you can add in the details - title, people responsible for the goal and the start and end date of the goal, weight percentage and track the process of the goal.

You can also access the goal module directly from the person's appraisal interview

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