Trainings module overview

Training module creates a good platform for organising trainings in the organisation.

The main 3 functions are:
  • make a training proposal
  • ask for training request
  • create planned trainings
On the front panel it is possible to sort trainings by keywords.

The manager can start a planned training, ask for training proposal or training request. In "New training"  view you can add the title, description and select the dates for trainings. Also add training categories or specify focus group by selecting a job family. Another great feature is requiring manager's acceptance for participants. 

The inside view of the training shows the description and information about the participants. In this view the organiser can add participants or edit all information about the training. Here the manager can also add training proposal to training plan. 

In the same view you can see all registered participants, accept or reject participation or ask some additional questions for example why person wishes to participate in this training. The organiser can also comment why they accepted/rejected the participation.

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