Survey stages

In the HRM view there is an option "FEEDBACK". Under this selection you will see different survey stages.

The survey can be in 4 different stages:

1. Draft -  is a stage when “Start an evaluation” is selected. In this phase manager can determine participants, type of the questionnaire and due date.The questionnaire stays draft until “Send out” is selected. 

2. Ongoing - is a stage when “Send out” has been selected. In this phase employees can fill out the questionnaire and the manager can manage participants, send reminders, download PDF. The questionnaire stays ongoing until “Closed”  is selected.  

3. Closed - is a stage when “Closed” is selected. In this phase it is not possible to answer the questionnaire, but manager can adjust open questions. The questionnaire stays closed until “Finished” is selected.

4. Finished - in this stage answering is finished and the report is sent to employees. In this phase the employee can review the final file in the “Home” section → “Feedback” → Received feedback.

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