How to edit company structure

From main menu My Company select Structure.

You can start all the activities in structure from the “Actions” button. In order to add a department or new employment You need to click on the “Actions” button behind the department.

If You want to add new department the system will take You back to the old view and there are no changes at the moment.

When adding new employment You can add the vacancy information, search person by name or create new person.

From the “Actions” button You can edit work profile, delete vacancy, transfer vacancy and employment, start evaluation and appraisal interview.

“Edit work profile” function allows You to change the role name, employment time and in addition You can add/change/delete job families.

If You wish to delete a position from the structure You can use “Delete vacancy” button which will remove the position from the structure.

“Transfer vacancy” function allows You to transfer position from one department to another but “Transfer employment” transfers the position and the person to a vacant position.

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