How to add departments and people?

Once you have created the organisation you need to add the organisation’s structure – add employment, add people.

You can do it either:

1)   Selecting “People” from the organisation’s desktop

You can enter the organisation desktop from your home view by clicking on your organisation name under the organisations list.

2)   Or enter the HR Admin icon

and select structure.

To add a department click on the “Add a department” button.

You can choose the department name, avatar, slogan and description. If you have filled all the necessary sections click on the save button.

As you have saved the department name then automatically opens the department desktop where clicking on the “Settings” icon you can add the department’s contact information and you can select who will see the department information. 

Then you can start adding employment from HR Admin icon.

Click “Add employment” and enter the position tile, then click on “Add people”.

If you can not find the person from the search (it means that the person is not signed up in Upsteem yet), then add the person’s e-mail address, name and click on the “Add and invite person” button. That case the person will get an e-mail with a message, that you have added him/her on the specific position and he/she can confirm the acceptance.

If you click on the “Add person” button then the system will not send an invitation to a person but there will be an “Invitation” button behind the person’s name which allows you to send the invitation later, for example once you have finished adding all the people. 

If the person has got the invitation but has not reacted then there is a “Remind” button, which will send a reminder when clicking to it.    

  • If you want to add a sub department to a department, click on the “Add department” icon under the department.
  • To edit or to remove the department click on the “Edit department” or “Remove department” button under a certain department.

  • You are not able to remove a department which has positions on it. If you wish to remove the department, firstly remove people (click “End employment” or transfer to another department) and then remove the positions (click “Remove position”).

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