How to add departments and new employees?

How to add a department?

Select My company - Structure from the menu.

You can add departments under the Company and also sub-departments, for example you can add specific Sales team in to the Sales department. 

Structure example: 

COMPANY (level 1)
                  Sales  (level 2)
                           Sales team (level 3)
                           Help desk (level 3)

To add a department, choose correct structure level, click Actions and Add department.

Please add department name (mandatory field) and other additional information (avatar, description etc. - obligatory). If you have filled all the necessary sections click  the Save button. 


Press Upsteem logo on the left upper corner of the screen to go back to the dashboard

Select My company - Structure again, choose the department where you need to add the new employee, choose Actions and Add new vacancy.The new user account page will be opened.

If you can not find the person from the search (it means that the person is not signed up in Upsteem yet), then add the person’s e-mail address, name and family name and position title. 

NB! Be aware that Upsteem identifies users by e-mail address. Different users can not use the same e-mail address. 

You can also add Employed at and employed until date and job family.

If you add user who will use Upsteem later actively (managers, HR team memeber, other main users) check the checkmark the Send confirmation e-mail and click Save.  The new user will receive an confirmation e-mail where he/she can accept the invitation, confirm the account, choose password and log in to Upsteem. Until the final confirmation the account will remain to Pending status. If the user does not confirm the account, he/she still can be a responder in surveys (he/she will receive survey invitation e-mails).

If the new user will be only a part of surveys or discussions as a responder and he/she does not have to log in to Upsteem, remove the checkmark. In this case the account will be activated automatically. 

For specific user profile setting go to: LINK
For company permissions go to: LINK

For structure mass uploads, deletion or rearrangeing, go to: LINK

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