Privacy Policy

All the data inserted into Upsteem's environment is kept in Estonian servers, provided to us by the leading provider in Estonia - They guarantee that no one can access the data physically. We make sure no one can access the data virtually using the latest and best cryptographic solutions. 

The data exchange between's environment and a user's computer is encrypted with a 128-bit encryption. This is the same that is used in internet banking. 

The connection uses protocol TLS 1.0. 

In order to authenticate messages between and a user's browser, method AES_128_CBC_SHA1 is used to encrypt the connection and method DHE_RSA to exchange keys.

All these technicalities mean that when inserting data to our web page it will be secure from any third parties. 

Access to servers is actually backed with 2048 bit keys - almost impossible for anyone to access the data.

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