Why to choose Upsteem for 360 feedback surveys?

With Upsteem.com you will get the most common talent management functions with fast setup and affordable price.

As our pricing plan includes all the features in Upsteem.com - you can start with 360 degree feedback or use them all (including satisfaction surveys and performance interviews, social intranet, newsletters etc).

Why to choose Upsteem.com for 360-degree feedback:
  • The environment includes ready-made as well as well as freely designed questionnaire templates (you can create as many new questionnaires as you wish);
  • In questionnaires all the usual question types can be used:
  • Short and long free-form text;
  • Scales with or without comments (comments can be obligatory or not);
  • Single answer and multiple choice questions;
  • prioritising;
  • additional comments for answers provided
  • We have selection of respondent groups and you can easily move respondents from one group into another;
  • There are additional distributions for managers – subordinates / colleagues of same level;
  • You can select different questions for different respondent groups (e.g. clients don't have to answer to all the questions);
  • Respondents are remembered for next year and you can also add or delete them manually (even in already ongoing feedback surveys);
  • There is a possibility of prior editing of summaries before forwarding them to employees and option of excluding answers;
  • You can conduct extraordinary or repeated surveys;
  • The process can be observed across the entire company;
  • You can see who has answered and send reminders for those, who haven’t;
  • After the survey is finished, separate summaries in PDF format are created;
  • You can download all the data in MS Excel format and analyze it futher;
  • You can get consolidated statistics across the company and it allows to plan further development of employees and managers;
  • Results and finished reports are always accessible to managers for all of their subordinate units;
  • We have professional and quick helpdesk, including knowledge base and forum to add your own ideas for development.
We are currently working on the visual side of summaries, so soon there will be graphs / charts added and also the easy possibility to compare the results with previous study.

We would love to welcome you as our client! So please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any more questions or would like our assistance to get you started.

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