Keeping track of responders and sending out reminders

After logging in to your account, you can find an ongoing 360 degree feedback survey when you enter Human resource management (HRM). 

It automatically opens the "Feedback" -> "Ongoing" tab.

Click on the ongoing study and it opens a detailed overview. 

On the "Participants" menu bar you can manage participants - delete or add them. You can also see see who has already answered and send reminders to those who have not. Repeated reminders can be sent after every 18 hours.

Here you can also delete the survey (but please notice that it is final and can not be restored later). 

The participants are able to respond to the survey until you have closed the questionnaire for answering. This means that even if the deadline has arrived, it is actually still possible to answer. To stop that, you have to click on "Close questionnaire for answering."

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