Adding participants

You can add responders according to their roles:
  1. person being evaluated
  2. managers
  3. colleagues
  4. peers (persons who are equal to person being evaluated in work related tasks)
  5. customers / partners 

For adding a responder you need to know his/her name and e-mail address.

In this phase, added people won't get any messages that they have been assigned to give the feedback - invitations to participate in the survey will be sent out in the last phase.

It is possible to change added participants - press trash bin button behind the name to delete it. Or if you want to move it to another group of respondents, press the gear button and choose a new group. 

You can also add a comment to a particular participant (only he/she will see it). 

(The information in square brackets [ ] will be added to the invitation message automatically).


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