Manager permissions

Manager permissions give user privileges to create, modify and delete a specific organisation or department. All operations with the organisation or department and constituent groups (organisation, department, project and activity group) can be performed – new ones can be added and existing ones can be modified and deleted. You can add and remove members to/from groups and assign roles to group members.

Has access to HR module – can administer the organisation’s evaluation and appraisal surveys, administer the structure of the managed units and sub-units, carry out evaluations and appraisals, enter job advertisements etc. 

Only the organisation manager can start a satisfaction survey (not department managers).

Users in the role of manager are automatically added to the managers section among the respondents of evaluations and appraisals in the HR management application.

If you create an organisation or department, you will automatically get the permissions of Administrator and Manager

Viewing and adding Manager permissions takes place from the permissions tab on the group profileThat means that for viewing the organisation Manager, you must go to the organisation profile; for viewing or adding the department managers, you must go to the department profile.

Organisation profile:

The easiest way to access the department profile is through the organisation Desktop and PEOPLE tag. Select the desired department below and click "Edit Profile".

Or go to HRM -> Structure -> Edit department.

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