Department filter

If your organisation has a number of departments and managers, you will certainly benefit from the department filter in HRM (human recource management module).

The filter is shown to the users who are associated with more than one department - usually the directors and managers, HR managers and HR specialists. Managers can see all their subordinate departments, HR managers and HR specialists can see the structural units related to them.

The filter allows you to define the department whose feedback or statistics you wish to view.

The choices made in the filter will affect the feedback questionnaires on the left side of the pane and statistics on the right side.
NB! See all the different statuses of the questionnaires - Drafts, ongoing, closed and finished.

There is an option "Only selected entity". When you choose this, only the questionnaires and statistics regarding to this entity are shown (for example if this department has subdepartments, you won't see subdepartments' statistics).

Note: If your organisation has subsidiary organisations, you won't see them in the filter (only the departments are shown).

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