User profile and changing the settings

Every system user has his or her own profile. To open own profile,  from main menu open My profile and click My profile

If you want to open employees profile, then open My company -> Structure and from the name field type the one you are looking.

Profile has 4 main sections:
  1. Continuous feedback
  2. Manager remarks (visible only to direct manager)
  3. Personal info (birthday, phone number, Skype name, work address, etc.)
  4. Received feedback (discussions, feedbacks, manually added files) NB! Please note that only surveys in Confirmed and Finished statuses will be displayed here.
To change your employee account password or languge, click in the Edit button on top right.

If you want to change profile info, for example add your photo, contact details, birthday, click on the Edit button behind Personal info.

Organisations also have their own profiles, where their authorised users can modify information.

Read more about it in "Adding an organisation".

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