How to send out satisfaction or engagement survey?

If you have created the questionnaire and you want to send out the survey, go to HR Module - Questionnaires.
If you haven´t prepared the questionnaire yet, please do it before starting the survey.


1. Select Satisfaction and the questionnaire you plan to use, open it and click Start survey using this template.

2. Then move to section Survey participants and choose users you need to invite to participate. Just activate the box next to user name (one by one or by Select all).

3. In the middle of the screen you can find the section Questionnaire template. Here you can preview the questionnaire. If you don´t want to preview, skip the section.
NB! If you change the questionnaire template here, the default selection of survey participants will be restored.
 You have to set the participants again in the previous section Survey participants.

4. Then move to the section Send out the questionnaire. On the right side of the screen you can change the deadline and if needed, add an extra message in to the survey invitation e-mail. If you have finished, send the survey out by clicking Send out.

Important information

All survey participants will get the following e-mail:

Sender name:
Sender e-mail:
Subject: {{company_name}} - {{questionnaire_title}}, please give your feedback

Hello {{receiver_name}}!

{{company_name}} would like to have your feedback. Please fill in our questionnaire {{questionnaire_title}}. Your feedback is very important to us.
We are expecting your feedback {{deadline}} the latest.
Start answering here.(---> link to answering view)

NB! If you want to change the survey invitation e-mail content or sender name, please do it before sending the survey out. See the instructions here:

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