Discussion/Appraisal interview process in new view

Discussions (mostly used for appraisal interviews) can be started from My company - Structure
Select behind the person with whom you want to start Actions - Start discussion

Discussion editing view will be opened

By default employee and direct manager(s) from the structure will be added. Manager can be deleted from trash sign behind the name.
When additional manager needs to be added, it can be done from Add responder. A pop-up windowwill be opened and a person from structure can be added or someone outside the structure by writing the email address and name.

Deadline for answering can me changed from here - from the pencil sign behind the date.
Questionnaire template can be changed from here - selection will be opened from pencil sign. After selecting the template it will be apparent also in this view. (The questionnaire has to be prepared by HR person or manager already earlier).

Send out questionnaire  - from the rocket sign.

 - employee will receive a invitation for answering to his/her email

Employee will receive a invitation with answering link by email. From Start answering here the answering view will be opened.
When at first time all the questions wont be answered then employee can stop and start again any time from the link in email- all previous answers are saved automatically.
When employee has inserted all answers and pushed Finish and send results, manager will receive a invitation for answering.

Now manager can answer but also see employees answers at the same time.
At the end in managers answering view there are buttons for actions after answering:

Send to participants - answers will be saved and sent to employee. Employee will receive email with text: Your appraisal interview survey has been updated. Please view the questionnaire here. Employee can see managers answers and add something to own answers when needed.
Confirm - survey will be closed for answering (but can be reopened when necessary)
Open survey - discussion can be reopened for answering
Finish survey - discussion will be finished
Download pdf - results can be downloaded in pdf format

Manager or HR manager can see the results and close/re-open/finish the discussion from system view. Discussions can be found in HR module - Survey overview. Selecting Discussion before employees name the view will be opened

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