Discussion/appraisal interview (for employees)

When its time for appraisal interview in your organization, you will receive a invitation email from Upsteem.com. In this email your manager asks you to fill in your appraisal. You ca start doing it from the link in email.
From Start answering here the answering view will be opened.
You can see a short introduction and questions there and start filling in.

When at first time all the questions wont be answered then you can stop (just leave the page) and start again any time from the link in email - all previous answers are saved automatically.
When you have inserted all answers and pushed Send to participants, your manager will receive a invitation for answering.

Now manager can answer but also see your answers at the same time.
You may get an email with text: Your appraisal interview survey has been updated. Please view the questionnaire here. That means that manager has inserted his/her answers and wants you to see them and maybe give a change to add something to your answers also. 

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