Starting surveys with CSV file

Often there is a need to start several feedbacks at one time. Adding participants one by one takes a lot of time. We have a opportunity to create drafts with a file.

Example for filled file can be found here.

In this file for every feedback receiver are written his/her feedback givers with their answering groups (manager, colleague, subordinate). Emails are used for identifying persons.

Creating drafts can be started from main menu HR module - Create mass drafts


1. At first you have to select starting a feedback or discussion.

2. Then you have to choose the questionnaire for that survey.

3. Download example lets to see a CVS file that suits for that questionnaire and its answering groups.

This downloaded file can be used for editing data for your survey.
NB! The file must remain in CSV format.

The data in file is following order (the first row in file)
Feedback receiver, answerer, answering group

For identifying persons emails are used that are already inserted into system.
One row goes for one answerer. And there can be several feedback receivers with their feedback givers in one file - just row by row.

4. If the file is ready, it can be added from Lehitse
5. Button Validate will appear
6. After clicking Validate, button Upload will appear. From there uploading data and creating drafts will go on. If the system doesn’t find any mistakes (for example wrong email addresses or no commas between words), a message will say that data is uploaded. But if there are any mistakes, the file must be corrected and loaded again.

After correct uploading the drafts can be found from HR module- Survey overview

Here can survey be edited and sent out in single view. Just open them from their name.

But it is also possible to send out and change the status for several surveys at once. It all can be done from HR module- Survey overview

1. From filter a survey status has to be chosen (draft, ongoing, closed, finished), that you would like to work with. (delete, finish)

2. From filtered surveys you have to tick those that need to be changed. Choosing Select all, only surveys on this page will be selected, If there are more pages, you have to repeat the process again


3. Surveys in status Draft can be sent out by clicking Send out selected surveys A pop-up will appear, from what several surveys can be sent out at once. Participants will get an email with answering invitation.

4. In all statuses surveys can deleted (and this is permanent).

5. Surveys in status Ongoing can be Close for answering. After that participants can’t answer through answering links they received in invitation.


6. Surveys in status Closed can be opened for answering or finished.

A pop-up will appear and there can be chosen to send result to participants with finishing or not to send.


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