360 degree feedback - starting, sending out etc

To start a feedback first select from main menu My company - Structure

In structure you can find the person you want to start giving feedback by searching him/her by name and click "Filter". Then click "Actions" button for that person and choose "Start giving feedback".

You are then directed to feedback starting page.


From here you can change::
Deadline - by pushing the pencil you can choose from calendar the date survey will end
Template - from list you can choose the template (questionnaire) that is meant for this feedback.

Below you can see and
add the participants who will give feedback.
  • Respondents are divided into answering groups. By clicking on group name (manager, colleague etc) you see people in this group
  • Automatically are added managers (employees who have manager rights in the system) and colleagues (employees who work in the same department in the system) and subordinates.
  • You can add persons to participate by clicking "Add responder". You can search the person up by name in the pop-up window or add with writing his/her email adress and name.
  • To delete any participant just click the trash bin icon behind the name.

As long as the questionnaire is in "draft" (questionnaire is not sent out yet) or "ongoing" state (the questionnaire is sent out) you can add any participants to answer.
Pushing "Send out" button will open a pop-up window and from there the send out will immediately send the invitation to all previously selected participants.

If you don't want to send out the questionnaire you will later find the started feedback from main menu HR module - Survey overwiev.


On survey overview page is a list with all the surveys created for this company (drafts, ongoing, finished). You can see how many person have already answered (1). From this page you can enter to the feedback by clicking on survey name Feedback (2).

Feedback will be opened. You can choose between Responders (this we used already for sending out the feedback) and Results view.

From results view  you can see responses in written and graphical form. It is also possibe to save results for you in Pdf format. (Download PDF)


After all reponders have answered you can Close survey for answering. It will move the feedback from ongoing status to closed and answering in not possible anymore.

If the survey is closed and you don ´t need to correct data  press Finish survey and send results. PDF-report will be sent immediately to person evaluated.


Finished surveys can also be found from the employee´s profile – section Received Feedback.

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