How to change survey email messages?

Upsteem has built in default survey emails. So when the survey is sent out, participants get system default emails. To see these default emails click from main menu Settings -> E-mail templates 

Opens page where is a list of different surveys - Feedback, Satisfaction survey, Discussions. These are all read-only templates. 


To make your own customised texts follow proceeding steps:

1. First choose a survey that you want to edit and click on the copy icon end of the row.
2. New row appears. From pencil mark you can change the name of the new e-mail template (we recommend to use the name of your survey or questionnaire). Also you can change sender name and email.
3. Click on the template name, all email messages will open
4. To change body text, click on the specific email, open edit form:


1. Text of the email has to be changed in every language that is used in this survey/evaluation
2. Email title - content in double curly brackets will be filled automatically from the survey data. But it is not mandatory and you can change the whole title.
3. Email content has to be written in HTML. Content in double curly brackets will be filled automatically but you can also write the whole text without them. It is important not to delete answering link.
4. From monitor mark it is possible to see how HTML in email really looks.
5. You can restore the system template from Default template.

All invitations and reminder emails has to be changed in template in case you don ´t want to use default title and email.

Changed template can be added to the questionnaire from questionnaire editing.
This can be done from home page menu HR Module -> Questionnaires. Choose the template you will use and select edit. From General information about questionnaire you can Choose an email template from list. Select the one you would like to use with this questionnaire.

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