Structure tools for adding and rearranging

Structure import file

We have a good possibility to add structure for organization with a compact file. It's the best solution for big organizations with long list of people.

For adding structure select from home page menu Setting - > Structure tools
For importing data you need to prepare a file. An example can be found from opened page Export current Structure - > Download
If the organization already has members inserted they can be found in this file or it can be used as example. This file should be filled with data about people in company.

In structure file the following rows are important for every person in company: 

Company - company name as it is in Upsteem
Department_1 to 4 - departments and sub-departments in four levels (optional)
Professional group - for grouping people in surveys (optional)
Email - e-mail address
First name
Last name
Language - user language 
Other rows are optional but filling them at the beginning can save time at the end and give more analytical options.

If the file is ready there are two possibilities to move on:

1. From structure settings select Copy paste Excel document and copy and paste from the Excel file all the data to the box on the page.
After that push Parse.


In every little box that occurred you have to check up the data and select Save.
After that push Analyze. Data will appear and at the end there is a button Submit. You have to select it until the system says so.

If error message will appear check e-mails and other data about persons in file. When no mistakes are found and the error still appears, contact our support.

2. For longer lists it is easier to use importing with CSV file. You have to convert the Excel file to CSV format. Choose Import from CSV from structure tools. After that you have to do everything from previous point starting from push Parse.

After either of ways in finished you will see the structure in My company -> Structure.

Rearranging structure

If there is a need to rename, delete or re-arrange departments in structure, it can be done with special tool.

From home page menu select Settings -> Structure Tools -> Structure re-arrangement tool
Structure with department will open. If clicking left mouse button you can rename, delete or create sub-department. Moving the text to another place you can change position in structure.


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