Custom e-mail sender address

If you would like to use a your own email for sending out surveys, you have to activate the e-mail you would like to use. There are two methods to activate e-mail sender changes. Both methods are used to prevent the spread of spam.

In either case, it is necessary to contact your customer manager or 

Adding domain-based e-mails - Allows you to send letters to all addresses associated with the domain. For this it is necessary to add to the domain upper directory a text file received by that looks something like this: "3185185195799627592316595117.txt." File contents are empty but will allow us to check e-mail services that are in your organization's domain control. To add a file you need help from your website operators and you can get the file from our support service.

Adding e-mail based sender's address - the e-mail must really exist! To activate the sender's address, contact your customer manager. We will send you a special letter of confirmation from Mailjet with a link that makes it possible to activate the new address of the sender.

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